About BC Notaries

property transfer services - KelownaBC Notaries are governed by the Notaries Act of BC and the discipline of their professional society. Today, the position of Notary as a member of one of the branches of the legal profession is sanctioned and safeguarded by law. BC Notaries are unique in North America providing non-contentious legal services to the general public.

The number of practicing Notaries is limited by the Notaries Act and is currently limited to 323; The Act also sets out the list of services that Notaries can provide.

The Society receives over 1600 application inquiries from the public annually to study the profession! On average only 20 to 25 students are selected per year.

As part of the Society, the professional work of a Notary is covered by an insurance plan that protects the public.

The average age of a BC Notary is 43 and 55 percent are women. Notaries in British Columbia reflect many different ethnic backgrounds and languages.

BC Notaries put a high priority on service to their local communities. Over one third are involved in fundraising activities and social services, over one third are involved in business associations, and more than 30 percent are active in youth sports and recreation. As you can see, Notaries in BC are very active and community minded.


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